3 way dimmer switch hook up

Not just the way I show. Use the question section to where you can post pictures. In my garage, power comes into a junction box in the middle of the garage. From that junction box a cable goes to the front of the garage where the switch is, another cable goes towards the back of the garage with several outlets daisy chained.

These are what our shop lights plug into. The switch turns the outlets on and off. I wanted to add a switch to the back of the garage where the door goes into the house so I can turn the lights on when i enter the garage from the house. If I replace the current switch to a 3 way, I understand I would need to connect the two 3 way switches with It makes sense to me how to wire the switch in the new location, but what about the switch in the old location—it does not have power coming in one way and going to a light. Will I need to connect both black and both whites to the terminals the ones coming from the junction box and the ones going to the 2nd switch?

Thank you so much for pointing that out. I have fixed that. Dominick — Thank you for the diagrams. In the top diagram — the diagram where the switches are labelled S1 and S2 — the wiring to the bulb is backwards.

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For safety, the hot wire should always go to the tip of the bulb, and the neutral to the threads of the bulb. I bought the switch yesterday from Lowes.

Wiring a 3 Way Dimmer Switch

I will proceed with connecting my High to the dark screw, since you have seen this before. Thank you for your response and video. That would really depend. And how old your switch is. I remember seeing some funky older switches before. My three way switch has the dark screw common across from a traveler and the other traveler at the bottom of the switch where the common is in your illustration. Is this a difference in brands of switches? Each light would just come off of each other. But watch this video.

Hi Dominick, How would I wire 2 lights to 2 3 way switches? I have a light at the top of the stairs and a light at the bottom of the stairs. So i want to put a switch at the bottom of the stairs and at the top of the stairs. A led as you know uses very little electric and just a little will give it some light. First make sure you wired the light correctly.

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Meaning the hot is on the hot side. Try switching them around maybe. And make sure if you have a ground on the fixture that it is connected. Dominick, I understand the basic wiring for a 3-way switch and your video helps to reinforce my understanding. My wife asked me to install new LED fixtures in the hallway. One is on a separate 2-way switch works fine and the other is connected to 3-way switches.

The power seems to be coming into the light and running into the switches.

3-Way Dimmer Wiring Diagrams for Lighting Control and Energy Savings

Would using 2 different switches matter? One is a reg switch on off and the other is a toggle. Would this make it not work right? However watch my 3 way and 4 way switch videos.

How to Wire a 3 Way Dimmer Switch

Dominick, my son thought he would help out in replacing the old fashioned up-down toggle on-off wall switches to the new fancy large fascia switches. Here in lies the problem.

He and his mom went and bought the wrong type switch. After burning up a few circuit breakers I put a stop to their effort as I was afraid they could have done worse.

When I went back to try and re-install the original switches till I get the correct ones, I noticed the wiring to be different and am trying to figure out the proper way of re-connecting the wires to the on-off switches. The circuit to the hallway uses 2 red wires and 1 black wire. The circuit to the staircase uses two red and two black wires. Consult the instruction sheet that accompanies the low voltage lighting fixture for the correct dimmer to use. Some fixtures allow you to use regular dimmers, however some do not.

These wires attach to the "travelers" which are the pair of wires attached to the two screws at one end of the regular 3-way-switch. Attach to the wire commonly found on the screw by itself on the regular 3-way switch, typically the Power or the Switch Leg leaving to the fixture s.

Dimmer Switches will help you Save Energy Installing Dimmer Switches can help reduce your electrical consumption as shown in the chart below. As with all electrical projects Always positively identify the circuit and turn off the power before performing wiring of any kind. Never work on an energized circuit! Below you will see some photos that I have selected to help you with your project. This is where the "travelers" are connected. The opposite end of the switch has one screw terminal which may be a different color as seen here in this photo.

Depending on your wiring configuration, this single terminal will have attached either the Power Line or the Switched Leg that leads to the fixture. STEP 2 This wired 3-Way dimmer switch has the Red and White "travelers" attached to the set of screw terminals at one end of the switch.

source site The screw at the other end of the switch has either the Power or Switch Leg wire attached to it. Green, two Red and a Black Lead ready for installation. Hi i'm trying to wire in a dimmer switch.

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The dimmer has a turn switch and a normal switch. There are 2 loads and 2 lines with in this switch. The old dimmer only has 1 line and 1 load on it and there are only 2 wires in the wall red and blue. The new dimmer wont work properly when i connect and use jumpers, what am I doing wrong? The switch that you purchased is really two switches in one, and it appears that this switch has a dimmer for lights and a speed control. This combo type switch is normally used to control a ceiling fan and light. It would be best to purchase a single dimmer switch that will have the same wiring as found with the original switch.

Your first step is to think about which of the two switches you use the most. This is the one that you should replace with the dimmer. Remove the two screws that secure the switch to the wall box and gently pull the switch out.