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We are furious because he chose to go to Starbucks right next to the fansigning venue, linking arms with a woman just moments before the event.

Lee Minhyuk

Do you think an idol whose been doing this job for years didn't realize that fans would be present at the cafe next to the venue? Furthermore, his clothes were the same as the ones he wore at the fansign.

Cube & MBK strike down rumors BTOB's Sungjae & DIA's Jooeun are in a relationship

Underneath, more comments supported the notion against Changsub; " I don't know about anything else, but the fact remains that he did this on a fansign day. Which the fans have had to pay for Watch the controversial clip below. The food stains his clothes. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

BtoB Chang-Sub Denies Dating Rumors With Actress Jung Jae-Eun

Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. E'Dawn not participating in the next comeback because he has a relationship just once again shows how toxic the Kpop world is. Fans need to understand that their idols are the same as you they are just known by more people than you are. But other than that..

When will people finally realize that their idol is just a person? That they are human too and they are their own person. There is nooooo way you will ever get to date them. Please let idols be people. Their lives are already messed up once they enter the world of entertainment.

Fans express anger towards Changsub despite denial of dating rumors

Let them be as normal as possible. Treat your idols like you want to be treated yourself. Would you want someone to hate on you just because you are in love? That sounds ridiculous right? Focus on more important stuff please. Give your idol love and encouragement instead of hate. I am so done. First Date with BtoB. More shinwon boyfriend material since hes my bias.

Or that he forgot to check the weather forecast and it turned out to be pouring the entire day… - EK would be super annoyed with himself for being such a dork, and apologises to you for ruining the date. BtoB btob scenarios btob ilhoon BtoB Eunkwang btob minhyuk btob sungjae btob hyunsik btob peniel btob changsub btob imagines born to beat dating btob.

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Now or Never Bias x Reader Pt. Was any of this genuine? It's not like we stan them with relationship feelings anyways.

Why does he tell her that he's never been in love? How fortunate for them. Why is he dating a coordi? This news is true.

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Just admit it instead of looking pathetic. As long that he is happy..

But, i thought it is already proven to be wrong, right? I thought btob was known in the general public.

💬 BTOB's Sungjae had the best response to the dating rumors on V-LIVE

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