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Recently we got some messages that were quite hurtful , regardless of what illi and M have said, I found them hurtful and right out rude. We have lives outside of Kpop , hence the updates are coming slowly. Being interested in a culture is called having a hobby not being obsessed. Secondly, the use of romanized Hangul is because we know not all can read Hangul and it would be random popping it in among English. We are trying to make this as authentic as possible for you guys. Thirdly , we are trying to be more interactive with you all because we want to get to know you.

We want to get to know the amazing people that keep us running this blog. Lastly , if you have something to say then say it openly.

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Stop hiding behind the Anon mask because it just shows how much of a coward you are to face us. So please just be patient with us and we will do our best to make you happy in every way possible. Finally I want to say thank you to those who came running to our defence when they saw the comments. We appreciate every bit.

It's that anon about the pda thing again. I always find myself swooning over the things jk does for jm. U probably know this, but in korea, couple don't tend to hug etc do pda things in public some couples still do it anyways. Only bffs do pda in public. I am hella guilty of this!

Question Time #5 - What Is It Really Like to Date in Korea? - Collab With Maze+Lee & Chioma LaRue

Jungkook swooning over Jimin makes my heart hurt and I find myself getting more emotional over those moments than the reverse. BUT I sort of compare it to a bride and groom. All of us sort of expect Jimin to love JK unconditionally and take care of him- this comes as no shock to us! This only happens in Korea! Black woman who has never dated outside of her race goes on a date with a Korean guy. Looks like they had a wonderful time.

Before leaving, he asked me for my number and put his in my phone since his phone died. This is my first submit but I found a link really interesting. Your English is great! Again… people fetishizing a race or ethnicity for what media portrays. Can we stop saying Asians are exotic… or that Latinos are spicy? There are bad people in every race. Were Korean guys that bad? Just curious, it seems like you blew off a lot of them? What happened to C? Sorry, I just discovered your blog and was reading about your experiences in Korea. Unfortunately, I do not have an available ethnography written on this subject, was too busy teaching.

Deeply flawed individuals like you and I. There were many misunderstandings that happened due to language barriers.

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You have to be desperate to move to another country with the goal of finding a man of a particular ethnicity. Unfortunately, this happened far too many times. As for that guy C, that barely lasted a month. I liked him at first but quickly that died. It was suffocating on top of his English and my weak Korean. It just had to end. Ok so if you had one pick up line to say to a Black girl and think it would work.

What would you say? I asked my lovelies K-Music Fam on my instagram story to give me questions to ask you and I got a lot! Some nasty ones too but I skipped those. Cause I want to erase your past and write our future. And if yes did you see any Black women you found attractive or your type? JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Click click Snowy Jihyun.

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When people from the same circle of friends start dating. You want me to be honest, honest, honest. Aw that was sweet, thank you. Just being honest here.

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No no no not at all I promise. Do you even listen to K-Pop? But, I was on a roll. And it was my second time to give a dare so I told the guy to take the soju bottle, and go next door. Knock on their door and ask them if they want to do a shot with you. I also told him Koreans play drinking games all the time, that they would love it.

We sat in our room and cracked up as our coworker carried the soju bottle next door.

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We heard him trying to explain what was going on,and at that point we decided help him. Turns out, there were two guys next door. They both work for Samsung and worked on the latest phone. They were older than me, one was 31 the other 33, and very friendly. The 33 years guy was sitting my on my side. He was really polite and funny. They asked us to join their table. Unfortunately, right before joining them, I had made plans with Ramen to go meet him and his friends.

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So, I had to leave the Samsung guys after about 30 minutes. My coworker and friend decided to leave with me, and the guys look pretty bummed. I totally had forgotten about the Korean business card exchange. When we went to leave, I was pretty sure the 33 guy wanted my number. He also was shy about getting it, and eventually handed me his business card instead. So, I added him to my phone and perved his Kakao. He was on my right and I never fully faced him. When he popped up on my Kakao, I was surprised.

He was so good-looking. Either way, we are definitely meeting again. My friend is still trying to get me to go to her church.