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Were the women in question like big fat ugly sweathogs that nobody in the civilized world would even talk to much less want to date? Mike profile , 8 Nov 8: The article claims the judge said that they were "intelligent, well-spoken and attractive professional women. Patrick , 8 Nov 8: Man, why don't these women just find me and buy me a car.

I can be a good little man-whore and they can keep me in a manner I want to become accutomed to. Anonymous Coward , 9 Dec 4: Either that, or they were probably only selecting men half their age and not even close to the same type as them.

Or simply not picking anyone at all and just 'hoping' someone will pick them. Anonymous Coward , 1 May 7: I would rather be a fat ugly sweathog with a heart and some empathy for people, than someone like you who must think that the outside means everything!! Good looks and good bodies definately go away as you age, don't know what planet you're living on it's inevitable.

I hope you find that person of your dreams because of what they look like, and that never changes It's a person like you that I dread to meet on on-line dating Anonymous Coward , 6 Jul The women were ripped off because it's a scam. I myself am an attractive, educated professional woman who paid thousands for men that didn't exist because they showed me fake photos etc. I went on ONE date. They submitted my profile with typos even though I did not include typos I am a freaking teacher. They lied and promised marriage, saying they were Christian etc.

Then they closed shop and there went my money with them. I hope karma pays all of those liars and scammers a visit. The consumer office of CA did nothing to help me because they are "franchises". Yonatron , 8 Nov 9: Yes but shouldn't a scam like that be covered by existing laws in the vein of "don't scam people"? Seriously, why is there any member of a legislature who thinks it's his or her business to decide what the maximum possible value of a dating service is?

That's hurty on the brain. Anonymous Coward , 8 Nov Robert Martin , 9 Nov 5: Testosterone poisining, that's what it is. Women, unlike men, are raised in a culture that STILL often teaches they will find their "completion" in a relationship with a man. And for some people, male and female, their "other half" never shows up. These poor women will pay any price if it holds the prospect of "true love," because they are so indoctrinated. That's why the law is needed, to prevent exploitation of the cinderella myth. If Great Expectations had paid me a couple of hundred, I'd have serviced these ladies, and GE would've kept a tidy, secure profit.

They were hoping to avoid meeting slobs like you. I was ata party a couple years back and talked with a girl who worked at one of those places. It might have even been GE. Anyway, she said the clientele tended toward a couple of architypes. The guys were nerdy engineers and lawyers who had busted ass for years to have a decent salary and were now looking for a young hottie to validate their professional success, but were too socially awkward to approach women on their own.

The problem with that was, hot young chicks don't need to pay a dating service, they already have more attention than they can handle. The female profile tended toward professional women who had achieved managerial success to the point where they had priced themselves out of the mkt. They all wanted to marry guys who were more successful than they were, but the guys who were that driven and successful were picking up their potential trophy wives without 3rd party help. She said very few clients ever got what they joined for because objectively, nobody had very realistic expectations of their actual mkt value.

A lot of the times nobody even got past the video viewing stage. Craig , 9 Jun Unhappy TN customer , 8 Jan 9: You people don't understand the kinds of scam tactics GE uses. I am currently fighting legally for a refund for services not yet rendered which they owe me under state law and refuse to honor.

Their sales pitch is riddled with lies and inaccuracies, they take your financial and govt. It is business fraud plain and simple, and I am prepared to argue in court that they are in violation of a number of clauses in the deceptive and unfair business practices of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act. Why don't you have a look at www. I only wish I'd found out sooner. Mike Murphy , 14 Jan 9: They have signed off on this point, and additinally, have agreed to allow my counsel to review the contract prior to signing up.

The answer then becomes yes, to get out a couple times a month, with singles, it would be worth it.

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So, as long as they stipulate in the contract what I want to see, then I think it is good to go. I'll let you know how it turns out.. Les Lyons , 27 Apr 7: I just signed up and have until Friday night at midnight to ask for my money back, under the hr rule. I haven't found good feedback so far!

Great Expectations: How to manage yours (and hers) online

I'm an attractive yr old male with a great personality according to male and female friends, who are encouraging me NOT to do this! GE keeps calling me, but I am going to pass. I am an attractive 36 yr old blonde professional, but I ended up linking to GE when I went on a site 'claiming' to be a singles mingle coordinating club.

Kathy , 15 Aug 6: Wow, I can't even believe this site. I found the staff to be extremely helpful and kind. I am a 45 year old, attractive brunette and am so grateful to GE. I had almost given up on finding an intelligent, articulate, funny, kind man. I would recommend it to anyone. It did take some time and all of my dates were not wonderful, but at least I had a pretty good idea of what to expect by seeing the photos and videos first before meeting them.

I also attended several events and met some of my now dear friends. It was really a win for me across the board. Tom , 14 Sep My interview with GE was not the best. In my mind I was thinking, I can buy a car for this amount. Of course, I said no. I said, "okay, let me think about it.

Kristine , 31 Oct 3: Wow 6 months for I left my job of two years as a store manager and was told that they were downsizing I have a special needs child and Christmas is around the corner. I think death sounds quite attractive right now I am an X sales person. If I can help you with inside knowledge I will. I left a store manager job that I held for two years so I am out more that 5K!!!

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I hope you got out I paid the same amount. Never had a video made, never had access to the site and have been barred from their site. The state they do business in has no 3 day right of recision. But there is hope there are cases on the web where they have been sued successfully and a full refund was given. I hope you got out while you could. I am going to go down fighting but I am prepared to lose.

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Laurie , 18 Jun 8: I'm looking at going to the office in Scottsdale next Wednesday to possibly sign up. So, your experiance was good or bad? Rachel Brooks , 21 Mar I'm thinking about writing to the AG to get the terms of my contract renegotiated-while I realise it's a contract I do think that I should be able to re-negotiate it but not cancel it.

What kind of legal rep did you get? I'd like to find an attorney to represent me. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Nunya , 3 Apr 3: What did you ever end up doing?? I found some info. Arizona Revised Statutes covers dating services contracts. From the information I have read via online complaints and what I experienced when I had my appointment, the contract you signed may be voidable under Arizona law. If you don't know how to view the text of these statutes, let me know.

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I went on "Freeze" to stop the charges to my credit card for monthly services in addition to the 4K. Their creepy pushy photographer was a con-artist as well. To be fair they contract work out to their photographers who are trying to make a living as well. Often the case, this is the first time clients have had their pictures taken in a studio since they were in high school.

So if the photographer tried to sell you photos, dont be upset. Also, people with little, or no self esteem never seem to like pictures of themselves.

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Mike Lloyd , 29 Apr 1: I just had teh intial interview today and a price wasnt mentioned. Im intriqued but cautious at the same time. Any words of widom? I will tell you why. Kristine I worked there.

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  7. What is the normal charge for this 'diamond' package.. Prices are all over the map for GE. The main thing you ought to know is that this allegedly highly selective group of people is not nearly, and that you can get the same thing on Match.