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But on top of his humor, Chambers has a huge heart, especially for his coworkers. He tends to lose sleep when they're struggling, literally. Chambers suffers from a biological sleep disorder. As a result, there have been times where he's only slept for a single hour over an entire week. Meredith Grey can be difficult to deal with at times. Particularly in the early seasons of Grey's , she was in a very dark place and didn't confide in many people. The one person she trusted above all else was, well, her person. Cristina Yang was just as dark and twisty, if not more so.

She was smart, calculating and drive, along with being the perfect best friend for Meredith. The decision to leave was very mutual between Oh and the showrunners. According to her on-screen BFF Pompeo, Oh was very clear on the fact that she only wanted to do 10 seasons. Pompeo even went so far as t o say "they don't get much classier than Sandra Oh. Her character of Christina Yang was generally pretty blunt and oftentimes rude. In real life, Sandra Oh is the opposite. She was nominated for, and won, several awards during her time on Grey's , snagging Emmy noms after seasons one and two.

More than being fun to work with, Oh is known for being incredibly humble. She just focuses on being an artist and putting out good work. It's a bit hard to believe that before Christina, Meredith didn't have any friends. She was dedicated to her job, but she was never outright antisocial.

The character got pretty mixed reactions from fans and critics alike, as a whole she wasn't the greatest person. She was characterized as reckless and someone who never really thought everything through. In her final episodes, it was revealed that Sadie actually cheated her way into the residency program and she departed shortly thereafter, never becoming a series regular. The sad part is that their children had to suffer through the court battles as well. The courts ordered that George and her boyfriend have joint custody of their kids, meaning neither one could take the kids out of the country without written permission from the other.

But, just a few days after the assault, George attempted to take her kids with her to the U. Before she was keeping the Earth safe from other-world visitors on Supergirl , Chyler Leigh was solely saving the residents of Seattle. She was one of the lives claimed by the infamous Grey's plane crash.

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It was especially rough on fans because she and Mark had literally just made plans for the rest of their lives. The decision to write off Lexie was reportedly a mutual one. In , two years after her final episode, Leigh revealed that starring on Grey's was " not worth it. She clarified in the same statement that she loved every bit of her time on the show and it was only problematic because she was missing out on her kids' lives.

She had nothing but kind words for Grey's Anatomy and even gave a nod to it in a recent episode of Supergirl. While administering a few tests for a friend, her character Alex notes that before she joined the DEO, she wanted to be a doctor and even had a gig lined up in Seattle. Giacomo Gianniotti is one of the newest members of the Grey's Anatomy cast, having just been made a series regular in But, fans quickly grew to love him. DeLuca's dislikes include, people spreading rumors about him, baseball, and awkward moments.

His real life counterpart seems to be just as sweet and lovable. In his free time, Gianniotti is heavily involved in charitable work, particularly with an organization called My Friend's Place. The organization is devoted to helping homeless youth in Los Angeles.

Gianniotti even competed in Tough Mudder with his castmates to raise money for the charity. Looking at his Instagram, it seems Giannotti is also a serious family man. He's shared pictures in the past of his sister, captioning the shot with how incredibly proud he is of her. It's not just goofy older brother kind of love. Gianniotti went deep , describing her with love as "such a beautiful, smart, funny, creative, deep young woman.

One of the first major exits on Grey's was that of Dr. Fans were devastated when he left Christina at the altar, even though their relationship was clearly toxic for both of them. The exact details have never been totally clear; the only thing that's known for sure is that Washington and Dempsey got into a heated argument.

During the spat, Washington hurled profanities at Dempsey. Knight in the argument. Washington denied this, outright saying that Knight lied about it.

As the pediatric surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial, Dr. Arizona Robbins is kind of expected to be a sweetheart. She works with kids all day and needs to have a sunny demeanor. But for the most part, she has that personality with most people. It even caused a rift between her and Callie Torres when Robbins called George's decision to join the army "awesome.

She's been a beacon of representation for the LGBT community and that hasn't been lost on Jessica Capshaw, the actress who portrays Arizona. She's taken her role very seriously and made sure to do it justice. Off screen, Capshaw is just as fun as Arizona Robbins. In , she divulged 25 fun facts about herself to Us Weekly , putting her humor on full display. She discussed her most embarrassing moment and revealed her childhood crush: But what really confirms her sweetheart status is her attitude toward other people. Capshaw revealed that she fangirled over Michelle Obama, praising her intelligence and professionalism.

She went on to note what she doesn't like in people saying, "I cannot abide people who are unkind, rude, stingy, sexist, racist or just plain mean. I could add more but those are the big ones.

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Miranda Bailey is nothing short of iconic. The writers made it clear from day one that Bailey wasn't going to take flack from anyone. She'll even tell off her superiors when necessary and it has indeed been necessary at times. Bailey's nickname at the start of the show was The Nazi. She was so strict and so scary that her interns were terrified to get on her bad side. In real life, Chandra Wilson couldn't be more different.

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  • She's known as someone who is good-natured and bubbly all the time. In an interview with Glamour, when asked which cast member is always in a good mood, even at 5 a. Wilson even named herself too. She's a devoted mother and even used her own life to inspire an episode of Grey's and help others. In , Wilson opened up about her daughter's mysterious illness that the family was working through. After months of confusion and struggle, doctors finally diagnosed her daughter with cyclic vomiting syndrome, or CVS. She used her platform to seriously help families all around the world.

    While this would be enough for fans and the press to start gossiping, the actors have kept things platonic. Drew is happily married with kids, and Williams has been the source of much tabloid gossip after his year marriage ended. Williams was also upset, and he has been quite vocal about his disappointment over his departing costar.

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    • This one should be filed under unconfirmed but heavily rumored. Each has faced their share of drama and danger with very different, but still linked, outcomes. Off-screen however, King and Enoch have a relationship that has excited and confused fans. Speculation started on social media as the two stars seemed to accompany each other everywhere, looking smitten in pics posted to Instagram.

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      He's a beautiful man, and I think I'm quite a lovely young lady. If there was a relationship, it appears to have gone south, though, as months later King was spotted with another possible-beau. Whether her relationship with Enoch was real or just social media mongering, it certainly had the fans guessing. It makes sense that Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers are friends.

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      So much so that Wetpaint assembled a whole list of great moments in their off-screen friendship. Couples are no different. They began divorce proceedings in , citing irreconcilable differences. By the time their divorce was finalized , they had been married for 11 years. While the split left many scratching their heads, the two actors were tight-lipped up about the reasons for the split as well as the conditions of the divorce. They instead chose to settle things quietly in mediation. Their onscreen romance, complete with steamy moments, has caused fans to ship the romance in real life.

      Ellen Pompeo in real life

      Like a lot of celebrity relationships these days, social media has provided the clues. Falahee paid a visit to Ricamora while he was doing a play at the Seattle Repertory Theater, watching his costar in Here Lies Love and taking to social media to tell fans that Ricamora nailed it.

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      The pair have also given and gotten a lot of encouragement from fans for their onscreen relationship. The LGBTQ community has taken to the positive image Colliver puts forward on the show, but this was actually not a given at the start. It lasted longer than Still Star-Crossed or Off the Map, but failed to catch on to the extent that Rhimes-productions are known for and was cancelled after two seasons.