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This interactive session will allow multiple short introductions between surgeons and engineers. This year's focus will be in the following areas:.

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Please complete this short registration survey by September 1. We are a multidisciplinary organization made up of students, recent alumni and trainees across the institution at Johns Hopkins University focused on driving innovation and we would love you to join us! YinCMed was founded in recognition of the fact that there remains a large well of untapped innovation and potential commercialization opportunities at this excellent university.

By bringing together those with an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, designed into lean working teams, we hope to unlock much of this potential. We are specifically working on designing teams of young innovators to work on faculty-led innovation projects to achieve defined value inflection points.

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If you're involved in groups or have a job, they become priorities. I don't think students consider dating such a big commitment, or a big deal — maybe because of the lack of marriage connected to dating.

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  4. But by the time you're a senior, you're likely to have been in at least one long-term, exclusive relationship. You really need someone who's smart and who can talk to you about real-life things.

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    College is a fantastic opportunity for meeting a lot of new people, for looking for new relationships, and bringing someone else's perspective into your life. I don't think that any amount of work is going to stifle that opportunity. Everyone sort of grows up with the idea of finding a college sweetheart — seeing it on TV, or maybe their parents met in college — so I think it's, you know, in everyone's mind. Who wouldn't want to meet someone whom they got along with so well that they'd want to spend the rest of their lives with?