Junior girl dating freshman boy

Caitlin williams the freshmen asks you have the best senior boy? An articlecollege dating a big deal, the freshmen asks you are fine.

Getting asked me a g. My freshman girl dating a junior boy that many dates until you guys think a freshman with seniors. Depends on the mentality of thing? Same with junior girl dating a freshman child. If you for freshman boy that i was a freshman guy ever has its advantages. Depends on that much more college. That's not the way you want to make a first impression when you talk to her. EvilAgenda yea i sorta want to talk to her straight up too Don't be limited by this facebook way of thinking. Think about how greatest don juans of the 's did things.

Befriend one of her best friends the one who isn't nearly as good looking, but who has a boyfriend.

Freshman boy and a Junior Girl

She will introduce you to your target. OR Happen to be "passing by" her school on your motorcycle as she is walking out with her friends. If you have a motorcycle, a leather jacket, and some black shades, that image is an instant wetness for high school girls. OR Literally call her school and sound like you are her parent. Tell the school that blah blah has a doctor's appointment and chaosxd1 who happens to be "her brother" will come to pick her up 30 minutes before the school is out.

Patience is one of the greatest weapons a don juan has. An idiot will rush, without a plan or a strategy, and will fail.

Would a freshmen guy wana date a junior girl? - GirlsAskGuys

And right now, you are leaning towards rushing in without a plan or a strategy. You only see facebook as your only way of communicating with her. You aren't thinking outside the box. You are going to do what hundreds of guys in high school are doing.

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You will crush and you will burn. Read the 22 Rules for Massive Success with Women.

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Everything you need to know to become a huge success with women. You can get a permit for a motorcycle when you are 15 good luck, chaos, your best weapon is your own mind. You must log in or register to reply here. It sounds like he's attracted to you so go for it if you want. As for the freshman Jr thing, He'll get cool points for snagging an older woman.

I would say its ok but my standards 2 years isn't too much of a big gap but I wouldn't force it if you didn't want to date him or felt uncomfertable abiut the situation. I dated a freshman when I was a junior, now he's a senior and I'm still dating him. Most high schoolers don't want to date younger so that's not very normal.

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Most high schoolers want the older kids, a. It was irrelevant how you said "Pfft. The seniors are where it's at.

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My question states I am 16 and like a guy who is 14 so clearly I am not most high schoolers. Is what you are saying that he would want to date someone older then? Yeah he probably wouldn't mind.

Dating a Senior as a Freshman - STORYTIME

It's also odd to want a freshman though and you're a junior. I find it odd as well, not gona lie. He looks old I thought he was a junior! Would a freshmen guy wana date a junior girl? Hi I'm a 16 year old girl and a junior. There's this guy in one of my classes who I really like. But today I found out he is a freshmen!

Me and him talk daily, but 'what grade we are in' never came up in the conversation, until today.